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Membrane Reverse Osmosis Plant

In today’s date water has emerged as world's most valuable resource as it is under constant threat due to factors like climate changes, explosive population growth and its wastage. Here, a beginning needs to be made towards reclaiming and reuse of contaminated/waste industrial and municipal water before it passes back into natural water cycle. This water recycling process can provide advantageous by is supporting the watering needs of areas like industrial processes, agricultural & landscape irrigation, replenishing groundwater.

Membrane based recycle plants offered are based on the available strong engineering & technology support that allows us to deliver in them practical design approach, thus enhancing the overall functionality of the plants. Here, our expertise also lies in offering solutions based on understanding of treatment needed for standalone systems and combination of different kind of membrane based technologies that will be best suited for the job. Our experience in this field allow us to offer solutions that meet the purification treatment application needs in areas like:

  • Desalination

  • Drinking water

  • Wastewater treatment

  • Demineralization

  • Effluent treatment

  • Brackish water treatment

For providing treatment possibilities in above mentioned areas, we offer following Membrane based recycle plants:


Ultra Filtration Plants:

  • These offer highest level of purification that also translate into high water productivity

  • System is effectively used for removal of silicates, insoluble irons, particulate matters, micro organisms, colloidal materials, turbidity reduction, suspended solids and other undesirable additives


Nano Filtration Plants: 
As a second step after ultra filtration process, membrane based treatment system here is used for providing treatment applications including-

  • Removal of divalent & high molecular ions

  • Hardness reduction

  • Playing vital role in effluent recycle treatment

Reverse Osmosis Plant:

  • The membrane purification plant based on Reverse Osmosis offers maximum recovery

  • The plant also offers long time reliability and best performance at less operating costs


Our Strengths:

  • Systems offered by us are designed to handle complete demands of processes like Drinking & potable water treatment, Desalination, Demineralization, Effluent recycling, Industrial water treatment and Waste water treatment

  • Our expertise also lies in offering solutions for specialized industrial applications

  • The plants offered are one stop source for meeting all purification needs

  • Expertise in offering quick to install package solutions for large installation units

  • Expertise in offering competitive solutions for reclaiming and reusing wastewater

  • Membrane technology based solutions offered also match up with the standards as defined by the government regulations on water quality related to removal of pathogens without producing any undesirable by-products

  • Membrane technology solutions offered are well proven in handling difficult water and waste water processes