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Our Technologies

  • Adsorption technologies use activated carbon and other materials to adsorb and remove ions, organic matter and other impurities dissolved in water.
  • The materials activated carbon and zeolite have many very small holes called pores, and the traction of their porous surface causes particles present in liquids or gases to stick to

Agglomeration and aggregation technologies are used to aggregate fine dirt particles and impurities in water into larger sized particles that are easier to treat. Flocculation technologies using electro-neutralization and polymers For example, in the treatment of wastewater, suspended solids are separated from water by converting them into larger

  • Biological treatment technologies consist of technologies that use microorganisms to break down organic matter found in waste water, and energy recovery technologies using bio-metabolism such as methane fermentation.
  • For example, there are two types of wastewater treatment: treatment using aerobic organisms that can only survive if

  • Dispersion technologies are used in the water treatment chemical segment for dispersing scale-forming salts in boiler water and cooling water and preventing them from sticking to parts of the water system such as pipes and heat exchangers.
  • For example, if cooling water has a high concentration of dissolved calcium, magnesium or

  • Membrane separation and filtration technologies are used to remove suspended solids, fine particles and dissolved substances (organic matter, ions) from water using the pores of separation membranes made from various materials such as organic compounds and inorganic compounds.
  • Industrial water or well water contains suspended

  • Sterilization and anti-bacterial technologies are used to prevent deterioration in water quality caused by multiplication of microorganisms in the water, stopping slime from sticking to heat exchangers and separation membranes, and killing and controlling the spread of microorganisms.
  • For example, bacteria, mold, algae and other