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Water Filtration System

Filtration is process where physical impurities and suspended particles are filtered out through using different means like media filters, micron filters, pressure sand filters, dual media filters and activated carbon filters. This process is necessary as pre-treatment for any main water treatment & Purification process.

We are a leading and well recognized name in the field of offering precision engineered and highly functional range of Filtration equipment. As leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier in the field of water filtration systems, we have with us required skills and experience to successfully install highly functional drinking water filtration systems. Here, our experience also involves offering the systems with necessary modifications and up-grades to meet complete demands of design and installation of systems.

Solutions Offered:
With all activities monitored by certified quality assurance plans and well defined processes, we are able to offer complete filtration solutions for:

  • Mineral water plants based on RO technology that are suitable for Beverage industries, Bottled water plants, Swimming pools, Textile industries, Farm houses

  • RO mineral water systems for homes, offices, laboratory, clinics, hospitals

  • Water softening plant for hard water in application areas like industries, boiler, soft drink plant

  • Supplying of all related spares and components for water treatment

Processes Served : We have with us experience and equipment support to successfully serve the needs of following processes

  • Pre-Filtration - that starts with screening source water at point of entry

  • Sediment Filtration - where water passes through sediment filter that extends service life of carbon filter through removal of unseen sediments that prematurely clog the filter. The process includes removal of Sand, Silt and Scale; Dirt and Mud; Other Suspended Solids

  • Carbon Block Filtration - this filtration process comprises two distinctly different procedures including -

  • Chemical Bonding that make use of activated carbon as a bonding agent for present chemicals and impurities

  • Mechanical Straining where carbon is compacted into solid brick of material and water is forced through microscopic pores of carbon that strains out particle matter

  • Ultraviolet Treatment – it’s the final towards achieving purification process where water when exposed to intense dosage of UV light effectively destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae and protozoa

Why Use of Filtration Equipments : Filtration process is required for

  • Purifying all types of unsafe water

  • Offering comprehensive 4-Stage purification process that makes water completely safe and fit to consume